1. If entering by land, get a Visa. It costs around $125. See here
  2. You probably arent covered from your insurance if you crash. See below. Insurance is such a SCAM.
  3. Its MASSIVE, so allow yourself at LEAST 3 weeks to ride from top to the bottom.


If you want to be fully covered while riding motorbikes in Vietnam, you need the following policies:
(1) personal medical insurance
(2) third party liability insurance and
(3) bike insurance

Vietnam Motorbike Rental doesn’t require a local motorbike driving license to hire our motorbike(s). The police rarely stop you to check your license unless you do something wrong.

Many websites said you couldn’t ride a motorbike in Vietnam or went to prison if you hit somebody. That’s not true because it’s about cars, not motorbikes.

We will go over the details to help you understand the risks and how to have safe motorbike tours in Vietnam.

Personal Medical Insurance

This is the most important insurance that we recommend all riders to Vietnam to purchase it. It covers you when you have accidents and get injured.

As you can’t get a local license with tourist visas. Even if you have business visas, you need a company to sponsor you and wait 7-10 days after you arrive in Vietnam to do paperwork. This means near impossible to get a local license. Therefore, you can’t buy any personal medical insurance from Vietnam companies.

Luckily, you can buy this personal medical insurance policy from companies like Allianz, CHI or World Nomads…or on Lonely Planet website. They only request your country or international motorbike driving license. In this case yourself will be fully covered if something happens.

Third Party Insurance

This policy covers the third parties when accidents happen. It’s very cheap to buy this in Vietnam, around 4$US/year!

You need to have a Vietnamese motorbike driving license but as explained above it’s near impossible.

The best way is ride on guided motorbike tours and our guides will lead you through safely and arrange (best without police involvement). He finds out how much you pay if you hit somebody.

FYI, the most a customer had to pay was 600$US when he hit a young local girl and broke her leg. If you do a self-guided trip, call us right after you hit anyone. We can talk and solve the situation as soon as we can.

Even local Vietnamese people wouldn’t use this policy to claim insurance because the coverage is very little (about 1,800$US). When accidents happen we just talk and find out how much to pay. If the police come, they allow the involved parties to solve the incident before they file anything.

Bike Insurance

This is not really necessary. Manual clucth touring bikes are not popular in Vietnam. Vietnamese people like scooters (al least 90% of bikes in Vietnam).

Please use a parking where you pay small fees (25-50 cents) to keep the rental bikes. Take the key with you and you will be safe.

You can buy this insurance if you want but it’s not cheap, about 50$US.

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