What vaccines and medicine should you take when going to SE Asia?

Before going, i tried to make sure I got as many recommendations around health as I could. Here is what I ended up going with:
Note that these vaccines do not last your life time, just a few years.

PLEASE NOTE: this process is not cheap. It cost me around $300 JUST for the vaccines.
Before you get these done, get a blood test done to see whether you are already immune to these illnesses.

  1. Hepatitis A vaccine: INJECTION : self explanatory.
    1. Get this a month before you go. Lasts a few years.
    2. Get a 2nd one 6 months later and it should last your whole life time.
  2. Cholera vaccine: SWALLOW : for your Deli Belly and other stomach bugs
    1. You need to get this TWICE before it works. The first 2 weeks before the 2nd, and it only kicks into gear around 8 days after the 2nd one. Usually lasts between 6 – 12 months.
  3. Typhoid: INJECTION :Another vaccine that i cant remember
    1. Get this a month before you go. Lasts a few years.
  4. Hepatitis B vaccine: INJECTION : are you sure you are immune?
    1. You need 3 injections. Its kinda annoying because you take them as follows:
      1. 2nd one is 1 month after
      2. 3rd one is 6 months after

Then, follow this up with some tablets:

Pills to STOP you getting sick:
– Doxycycline tablets: Once daily, start 2/7 months before you go. Continue for 4/5 months after leaving area.

Pills for when you ARE sick:
– Ondansetron: 1 tab under tongue for nausea and vomiting.
– Ciprofloxacin tablets: 1 tab for diarrhoea
– Amoxicillin tablets: 1 tab for throat infection.
– Electral Powder for Oral Soln: mix with 200ml of water, drink as sips.
– Loperamide Hydrochloride tablet: take them when you have crazy diarrhoea

Finally, youre gonna look like a drug trafficker, so make sure you get a doctors note! That is, ask your doctor to write you a note explaining why you have the medicine you are carrying.





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