Flights around Asia

This is an ever changing topic, but I thought Id post about how easy and cheap it is. I almost exclusively use Expedia, because the flights are so cheap you dont end up saving that much by going directly to the airlines. We booked around 1 month in advance. Here is a summary of the flights in NZ$!


– Bali to Jakarta : $75 each
– Jakarta to Singapore: $65.70 eachairplane-flying-01
– Koala Lumpur to Brunei: $84 each
– Kota Kinabalu to Koala Lumpur: $127 each
– Penang to Phuket (Thailand): $139
– Phuket to Ko Samui: $129.50
– Ko Samui to Bangkok: $193

  • Bangkok to Mandalay (Myanmar): $114

Yangon to Kathmandu:
yangon : kuala Lumpur: 100 = arrive at 1pm
Kuala Lumpur to Kathmandu: $269 leave at 18:10pm
= $369

Total on flights: $813.7 each


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